DIA Annual Meeting 2016 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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June 26th – 29th | Philadelphia Convention Center. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Fino is presenting research at the DIA conference that compares multiple cutting edge methods for representing complex medical text in a standard form.

Post-approval pharmocovigilance, or the identification of potential new adverse drug events after drug approval, is a critical goal of the healthcare system. These activities are often mandated by regulatory agencies to ensure the continuous collection of safety data on a drug during normal use. The continually increasing number of medical journal articles and case studies being published each year has made it difficult to monitor for potential adverse effects in an accurate and timely manner. Machine learning algorithms make it possible to automate the manual expert time required to evaluate a publication for potential adverse effects. One of the most difficult problems in training these machine learning algorithms is how to convert the text of medical abstracts into a form that can be understood by a computer. Representing medical text in a standard form will allow pharmaceutical companies to more accurately and quickly monitor the performance and potential risks of medications.

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