Health Care

Faster Breakthroughs To Improve Lives

Today's breakthroughs are being driven by data and technology. We're working with top health care organizations to capture that potential for improved research, faster time-to-market for medications, and ultimately better results for patients.

We’re Solving Health Care’s Difficult Data Problems

The challenge most organizations face is they aren’t able to effectively use all the data that’s available. Fino helps leading health care and life sciences companies innovate by delivering the tools and expertise needed to sort, manage, interpret, and use their data.

With expertise in basic and applied biomedical research, machine learning, statistical methodologies, and software engineering, our teams know how to build the correct solutions to navigate the most complex issues in the health industry’s major sectors.


Fino’s software engineers and data scientists are working with hospitals and researchers to integrate data from disparate sources and use machine learning to improve care decisions. In addition, our design team is skilled in researching and understanding patient behavior with the purpose of building tools to increase patient engagement and improve communication with clinicians.


New technologies have great potential to rapidly accelerate the research and development of innovative treatments. We’re working with leading pharmaceutical companies, using high-throughput screening, next-generation sequencing, and other data-intensive techniques to expand their research pipelines and get new drugs to market faster.


Accelerating time-to-market and improving operational efficiency are critical to success for medical device manufacturers. We’re building data-driven software that lets manufacturers use the Internet of Things to streamline operations, improve quality, and proactively address failure points.

We're using advanced data science techniques like machine learning to improve health care outcomes.

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