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IoT and Advanced Analytics: How to Leverage Microsoft Azure to Grow Your Business

Accelerate your IoT capabilities by leveraging the big data and advanced analytics capabilities of Microsoft Azure.
Case Study

Pearson Revolutionizes How Students Learn and Teachers Teach

Fino worked with leading education publisher Pearson to develop a first-of-its-kind digital education product. Leading a team of more than 100  software engineers, data scientists, and designers, Fino took this complex project from concept to deployment in just 5 months.
Solutions Brief

Versatile Enterprise Solutions, Powered by the Cloud

We use cloud technology to give our clients powerful, scalable, and cost-effective solutions to their business challenges.
Case Study

CBS Boosts Ad Revenue and Cuts Overhead

Fino helped CBS maximize profits with an integrated system that automated complex processes, ensured seamless collaboration between departments, and gave teams access to real-time analytics.
Case Study

Energy Co. Increases Sales, Reduces Margin Erosion

One large energy retailer turned to Fino to build a new pricing engine that lets sales reps target customers with personalized proposals.
Case Study

Microsoft Hosts an Innovative Learning Platform for the 21st Century

With technology partner Microsoft, Fino led the development of a unique digital learning platform that enhances how teachers teach and students learn.
White Paper

5 Steps to Increase Customer Renewal in Energy

Energy suppliers can use several untapped strategies to better understand their customers, predict churn, and make proactive offers.

Machine Learning 101: What Business Leaders Need to Know

Learn how machine learning is helping businesses in all industries improve decision-making, reduce risk, and increase profitability.