User Experience Design

Great experiences for people

Fino’s designers work closely with end users. By understanding their needs and clients’ business goals, we build tools that enhance processes and make it easier for clients to succeed. Working with engineers and data scientists, our designers create intuitive software that helps companies engage their customers and get the best from their employees.

Well-crafted software speeds up business processes, cuts down on required training, and lets people enjoy their jobs. Fino’s teams create both consumer-facing applications and internal enterprise tools that connect on an emotional and functional level with users.

Our Person-Centered Design Cycle

Our goal is to deliver the solution that best meets your company’s needs and creates the best experience for your users. Fino’s designers collaborate with clients to understand user needs and also work with our Agile development teams in a Lean process to quickly test ideas and make improvements.


We create the right experience by understanding how your business works. Using in-depth interviews, observations, and other research, we uncover user needs and create designs that make interactions as easy as possible.


From our research, we map existing workflows and user touchpoints. We dissect experiences into smaller pieces and focus where we can offer the highest value. To validate ideas, we create sketches and wireframes to test with users.


As we sketch, prototype, and design, we evaluate ideas against workflows and user feedback. Based on validated designs, we build the full solution, using quick iterations to gather frequent client input and adjust our strategy.


After deployment, we work with data scientists to gather information about its use so we can continue to improve. We judge our work based on actual business results: improved efficiency, higher adoption, and increased profits.

Our data scientists excel at capturing and analyzing the evidence needed to measure engagement and improve our solutions.