where we focus

We connect our technical knowhow with clients’ deep domain expertise to build software that helps companies thrive in an increasingly competitive landscape.


Better Ways To Fuel The World

The energy industry is rapidly evolving, with technology driving that change. We’ve given Fortune 500 providers a competitive edge by building software that automates business processes, reduces customer churn, and prevents margin erosion.



Deeper Learning With New Technology

At the cutting edge of ed tech, our engineers built the first native digital K-12 curriculum in the U.S. It delivers rich media content to millions of teachers and students simultaneously, helping them achieve new national standards.


Health Care

Faster Breakthroughs To Improve Lives

Technology and data are leading to new breakthroughs in diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. Fino helps organizations innovate to enhance research, increase speed to market for devices and drugs, and improve outcomes for patients.



Richer Content, Driven By Data

Rich media will soon outpace text as the world’s most plentiful source of data. Fino has helped premier media companies transform their business with real-time, data-driven solutions that increase revenue and optimize operations.


Solutions For Any Sector

Across all industries, we deliver technology that allows our clients to streamline operations and capture new revenue.

Predictive Analytics

Our engineers mine valuable data insights that mitigate business risk, identify new market opportunities, and shed new light on customer behavior and product performance.


Our solutions empower companies to hit the ground running. We rapidly iterate to meet dynamic customer, enterprise, and sector needs and to help clients drive business value fast.


Our custom-built technology automates, integrates, and optimizes complex processes, improving legacy architecture and enabling businesses to work with speed and efficiency.

Find out how how our software can help you thrive in your industry.