Software Engineering

Tailored solutions that drive results

We build exceptional software that gives your business the tools it needs to stand out in your market. Whether your plan is to improve margins, increase revenue, or boost efficiency, our New York- and Bay Area-based teams will build something to get you there.

You have ideas. We bring them to life.

Our software engineers work in an Agile process to get complex projects off the ground, using rapid iterations to deploy our solutions quickly. We recently partnered with leading publisher Pearson to move a revolutionary education platform from concept to market-ready product in just 5 months.

Our Engineering Process

We work closely with client stakeholders to plan how software can solve the company’s biggest business problems. With rapid prototyping, we validate ideas early and build custom solutions that align with clients’ most critical goals.


All of our projects kick off with a thorough planning session so the team can understand your business, your goals, and your challenges. We use that knowledge to create a plan that’s aligned with client needs and build quick prototypes to validate our ideas.

Rapid Delivery

We use a rapid development process to build great software at an unmatched pace. Our multi-disciplinary teams deliver frequent releases of enterprise-ready solutions, bringing you immediate business value and quickly adding the features needed for success.


As a client-centered company, we combine our technical expertise with your business knowledge. Our engineers partner closely with stakeholders to stay aligned and work in Agile so they can quickly adjust based on stakeholder feedback and evolving needs.

End-User Focus

Our UX design experts are involved from the beginning of the development process to make sure the end result is a great solution that your people want to use. Frequent testing ensures we’re meeting the needs of your teams and delivering an excellent user experience.

Our engineers work with Fino’s design team to build software that addresses user needs, improves workflow, and accomplishes business goals.