Our Company

what we do

Fino uses technology, data science, and software engineering to help companies create sustainable competitive advantage.

We do it for emerging-growth companies and corporate giants alike. We do it across a range of industries, especially those that rely on data-intensive, enterprise-scale systems, such as Energy, Health, Education, and Media.

All our work happens under one roof, with our integrated team of engineers, data scientists, and software engineers. So we stay close to the action, so we can prototype, iterate, and roll-out faster and more effectively. So our clients see tangible business improvements – often in a matter of weeks.

We don’t deal in platitudes or pie-in-the-sky theories. We deal in real-world business problems and develop thoughtful, strategic, roll-up-your-sleeves-and-get-it-done technology solutions that solve your most urgent challenges and goals.

We’re ready to help your business succeed.