Richer Content, Driven By Data

Media companies generate vast amounts of data. In music, film, television, gaming, publishing, and computers, businesses can use this data to better understand customers and deliver more profitable content.

Boosting Ad Revenue and Cutting Overhead

Together, Fino and CBS engineered a brand-new enterprise system to optimize data mining and predictive analytics to increase profits.

Fino engineers build the software, systems, and algorithms companies need to retrieve insights fast and in real time from rich data streams. With our custom solutions, which integrate and optimize legacy architecture, media enterprise can turn Big Data into new market opportunities.

Seamless Efficiency

Using high-performance technologies, we build systems that integrate, enhance, and optimize the functions of legacy architecture. This enables companies to buy, sell, schedule, research, and publish content with seamless efficiency.

Accurate Schedules

Teams often work in silos at media companies. Our software enables transparent and instantaneous collaboration between departments, which reduces lag time between strategy and broadcast and cuts down on margin erosion, overhead, and lineup errors.

Consumer Insights

Our data-driven software gives companies unique, granular insight into consumer response. Media enterprises use this information to predict market performance and produce content that is more targeted, profitable, and accessible.

Our data science expertise helps companies maximize profits and streamline operations.

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