Data Science

Insights to understand your business

We analyze vast streams of information to capture insights that automate and optimize how companies do business. With these insights we build custom software that forecasts market activity, increases customer retention, and boosts product adoption.

Data-based Decision Making

Our data scientists are experts in many different tools and techniques and excel at finding the best ways for businesses to extract value from their data. Using cloud-based machine learning technologies, we build powerful solutions that help our clients make better decisions.

Our Approach

Our data scientists use advanced techniques in computer science and predictive analytics to help companies drive greater profit through real-time, scalable decision making.


Our team has worked with data sets in many different fields, including neuroscience, political science, education, chemistry, and retail. Partnering with enterprise executives, we combine data science with business analysis to make dynamic solutions.


Plenty of software engineers can crunch numbers. At Fino, we also interpret data clearly and precisely for decision makers, communicating the most compelling facts to help companies drive value with new strategies, initiatives, and ideas.


We build revolutionary software with a vast and varied selection of tools and technologies. Unlike most software companies, we engineer these solutions using both client legacy software and new, custom systems we build from scratch.


Our analysis delivers powerful insights, but insights need action to drive value. We don’t just point clients toward solutions; we code and deploy sustainable, enterprise-worthy systems that scale as your company grows.

We use an Agile framework so we can quickly change course as we learn and build software solutions aligned with client needs.