Deeper Learning With New Technology

Technology is the future of education and we’re passionate about leading the charge. Fino collaborates with experts, educators, and top academic publishers to build software that revolutionizes learning.

Data-Driven Education

Our solutions power digital ‘textbooks’ with terabytes of rich media content, improving how students prepare for college and career, giving teachers real-time insight into class achievement, and helping publishers keep material fresh and compelling.

With our engineering, data, and design expertise, we’re building the tools to help solve the toughest challenges in education today.

Innovative Tools

Our technology helps bring material to life in new and exciting ways. With digital curricula, teachers can introduce new complements to learning in class, including games, video, animation, simulations, and social media.

Exact Information

Textbook publishers can update material fast and often with our digital content ecosystems. This gives students constant access to the most up-to-date information without the typical lag between printed editions.

Customized Lessons

Our solution captures real-time data about how students interact with certain topics and tasks. Teachers can use this insight to tailor lesson plans according to student strengths and weaknesses, driving greater engagement and achievement.

More to Explore

Students who use our software can discover and explore new academic interests with a wide range of videos, games, texts, and sample problems. These supplements promote deeper learning and independent study.

Our engineers build software that puts companies at the forefront of their industries.