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Fino Presents… Wrigley Rooftop Event

  • Posted by Ben Burrell
During this unique event, Fino data scientists will demonstrate how Machine Learning and predictive analytics can help your business.

Fino Presents… Predictive Analytics in the Energy Market

  • Posted by Ben Burrell
Fino Consulting is hosting an exclusive breakfast event where we will discuss real-world examples of how predictive analytics is being used in the downstream energy and utility markets.

DIA Annual Meeting 2016 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • Posted by Ben Burrell
Fino is presenting research at the DIA conference that compares multiple cutting edge methods for representing complex medical text in a standard form.

Fino Presents – Blockchain in Energy – New York, NY

  • Posted by Ben Burrell
Fino is hosting an event cover an inventory of the market, issues, and opportunities with an eye to policy, technology and business models.

The Digital Energy Economy: A Master Class on the Future of the Energy Industry

  • Posted by Brian Fino
Brian Fino will be delivering a Master Class at the 2016 DNV-GL Invitation-Only Energy Executive Forum on how to take practical steps and prepare for the New Energy Economy.

Predictive Analytics Will Change Energy Pricing

  • Posted by Brian Fino
Energy retailers who move first will create the kind of game-changing innovations that can dominate a marketplace for years to come.

Intel Ups the Ante With Its Blockchain Platform

  • Posted by Brian Fino
Intel releases a highly modular platform for building, deploying and running distributed ledgers.

Who Should Be Talking About Energy Conservation (It’s Not the Consumer)?

  • Posted by Brian Fino
The financial incentive for fractionally reducing load at peak hours is negligent to an individual. It's not the consumer that needs to be talking about conservation...

Blockchain Comes to the Energy Industry

  • Posted by Brian Fino
Blockchain is about to change the energy market, in a big way, in a way that will turn the entire energy market upside down.

Turn the Energy Market Upside Down

  • Posted by Brian Fino
Almost no one thinks about their energy consumption and the price of power; and why should they? A complete reversal of the market is coming.

Put the Light Bulb in the Driver’s Seat

  • Posted by Brian Fino
Imagine a world where a light bulb procured its own energy. Where energy procurement was executed by individual devices, orchestrated by the home, and managed by the consumer.

Agile QA Emphasizes Results over Process

  • Posted by Gustad Mody
Don't go over the waterfall! Agile QA delivers better quality controls while accelerating time-to-market.

Why Design Needs Data

  • Posted by Nicole Durbin
By blending qualitative and quantitative research methods, UX designers can build more effective and elegant designs.

My Advice for Women in Tech

  • Posted by Andrea Berlin
The tech world is dominated by men, but here's my advice for women looking to enter or thrive in it.

Machine Learning Improves UX. Just Ask Google.

  • Posted by Brittany Coombs
It's time to believe in machine learning: Google is using the popular compsci subfield to build better experiences for customers who use Android, Google Photo, and Google Now.

We Agree With DE: Tech Will Change Energy

  • Posted by Brittany Coombs
Direct Energy’s ‘bill of the future’ will revolutionize how consumers use energy.

Driving Value in Energy With Collaborative Filtering

  • Posted by Alicia Powers
This innovative data science technique is giving energy companies new ways to increase revenue and improve satisfaction.

Connect With Us at Uncubed NYC

  • Posted by Sam Narisi
Fino will be looking for talented technology professionals at Uncubed, the world's most creative recruiting event. Come meet up with us, pick up some Fino swag, and learn how you can join our team!

The Financial Impact of Outdated Capacity Release Models

  • Posted by Brian Fino
Energy retailers rely on capacity release models to accurately estimate natural gas prices and make profitable trading decisions.

3 Takeaways From the 2015 Energy Thought Summit

  • Posted by Brian Fino
One central theme: Technology is creating a lot of change in how energy companies engage customers and deliver their product.