The Digital Energy Economy: A Master Class on the Future of the Energy Industry

  • Posted by Brian Fino

Change comes about gradually. Until it happens suddenly.

We’ve seen this phenomenon in multiple sectors across the global economy. Driven by regulatory movement, enabled by technology and the universal access to information.

And now it’s coming to the energy sector. You can feel it. You know it’s true.

Brian Fino, Founder and CEO of Fino Consulting, will be delivering a Master Class at the 2016 DNV-GL Invitation-Only Energy Executive Forum on how to take practical steps and prepare for this transformation.


The New Energy Economy

At the center of “The New Energy Economy” is a fundamental shift in how energy is valued and exchanged. How energy becomes a transferable asset not just between people, but between machines. And how the technologies that will enable this shift are here now.

Come learn how to price and deliver products and services, in real-time, in an increasingly complex market. How to use machine learning at the center of pricing and supply. And finally, how newer technologies like blockchain, will enable this transformation.

This is a must-hear conversation for energy retailers and utilities that wants to remain relevant. If you haven’t heard about machine learning, blockchain, or are still using Excel to price your contracts and manage your position, this will be a unique opportunity discuss the future of the industry.

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