CM3 Consulting Joins Fino

CM3 and Fino partner to broaden client serving capabilities, leveraging each other’s skill sets and expertise.

NEW YORKApril 3, 2013 — CM3 Consulting and Fino are pleased to announce that after five years of collaboration they are joining forces. CM3, a boutique consulting firm with expertise in custom software, application, and analytics solutions, will be joining Fino, a New York-based IT consulting firm specializing in enterprise application design, development, and consulting services for Fortune 1000 organizations.

“CM3’s expertise and overall business practices complement our team perfectly. Their focus on building strong client relationships while creating innovative customized solutions perfectly aligns with our own values,” said Brian Fino, CEO. “This pairing enables us to elevate the quality and breadth of the services; after five years of collaboration, we’re thrilled to have CM3 on board.”

Fino’s diverse team of technologists and creative thinkers apply business acumen and world-class technical skills while leveraging the latest cutting-edge technologies. Often asked to be the consultants to the consultants, Fino has successfully improved business processes creating efficiencies and driving growth for its impressive roster of clients. Fino was recently recognized for outstanding work when its long-standing client, a leading integrated energy company accepted the “CIO 100″ award from CIO Magazine for products Fino exclusively designed.  The award honors companies demonstrating excellence and achievement in IT. Fino’s innovative creation and design of a complex price optimization application currently used by this client has transformed the business of sales and pricing for natural gas and energy.  Fino services a wide-range of industries including energy, media, education technology, retail, financial services and professional services organizations. Its areas of expertise include cloud and mobile solutions, custom application design and development, and complex enterprise application integration.

“We have enjoyed building our working relationship with Fino over the past five years. During that time, we have truly grown to respect Fino’s achievements in quality solutions as well as for having an outlook and culture that is very similar to our own within CM3,” said Christopher Stratis, CM3’s CEO. Stratis and CM3’s other founding partners – Christian Jungers and Scott Ziolko – will be joining the Fino leadership team.

Christopher Stratis will serve as Director of Marketing & Operations. In this role, he will execute on Fino’s business strategy in areas of business development, management of partnerships, and client relations. Prior to co-founding CM3 Consulting, Christopher held various roles at business strategy and technology consulting firms in Boston and New Jersey. Christopher earned a BS in Information & Decision Systems and an MBA from the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University.

Christian Jungers will serve as CTO at Fino where his responsibilities include aligning clients’ technology vision with business strategies as well as leading and managing the entire technical team. Christian will spearhead efforts in development, architecture, standardization of processes, and technical training among others. Christian’s background includes degrees from Carnegie Mellon University in Computer Science, Cognitive Science, and Philosophy as well as a graduate degree in Software Engineering. Over the last 15 years, Christian has served clients across several industries including retail, government, telecommunications, financial services, marketing and professional services. His breadth of experience and exposure to a variety of projects and environments further enhances Christian’s ability to tackle and lead project teams and find creative, effective solutions.

Scott Ziolko will serve as Director of Data Science at Fino. In this role, Scott will spearhead Fino’s Big Data and Data Analytics initiatives.  Scott has extensive formal training in computational and graphical statistics from Carnegie Mellon University, and specializes in complex quantitative analyses and development for web-based applications. His research has spanned areas of business intelligence, neuroscience and consumer market research providing both depth and breadth of technical knowledge to successfully and efficiently solve complex business problems.

About Fino

Founded in 2006, Fino provides application development, design, and consulting services to Fortune 1000 organizations. Fino services a wide range of industries, including energy, media, education, retail, financial services, and professional services. It is committed to increasing the profitability and organizational efficiencies of clients by helping them implement the best technology strategies to meet business goals. The company is headquartered in New York City.

About CM3

CM3 was founded in 2003 with a vision of building close partnering relationships with clients to deliver highly tailored solutions and an internal culture that fosters collaboration and creative problem solving. CM3 has earned recognition for delivering elegant and creative web, software, and analytics solutions for organizations ranging from small businesses to large enterprise service organizations.