Fino Announces App Development for Windows 8 Mobile Platform

NEW YORK, July 25, 2012 — Fino, a technology and consulting firm that delivers cloud and mobile solutions for the enterprise, announced today that it will be developing mobile applications on Windows 8.  Fino’s support for Windows 8 builds on the firm’s renowned development capabilities for Apple’s iOS platform. Their services have been widely embraced by several Fortune 1000 companies – most notably Hess, for whom they developed a suite of award-winning iOS sales applications.

“As longtime Microsoft partners, we’re very excited about the mobile capabilities of Windows 8,” said Brian Fino, Managing Director of Fino.  “We work with our clients to develop exceptional cloud-based mobile applications that deliver tremendous business value.  In this space, Apple has been our vendor of choice. However, the upcoming hardware offerings running Windows 8 provide a viable alternative to the iPad. And that will make our Enterprise clients very happy.”

Fino will begin developing for the Windows 8 platform immediately, and is re-designing some of its iOS applications and offerings for Windows 8. “Windows 8 presents a new design paradigm that is focused around information and typography,” says Chad Haas, Creative Director of Fino.  Fino is applying Metro designs to its applications in sales, banking, education, and other enterprise capabilities.

About Fino

Founded in 2006, Fino provides application development, design, and consulting services to Fortune 1000 organizations. Fino services a wide range of industries, including energy, media, education, retail, financial services, and professional services. It is committed to increasing the profitability and organizational efficiencies of clients by helping them implement the best technology strategies to meet business goals. The company is headquartered in New York City.