Fino Enables Enterprises to Tap Into Microsoft’s Azure Machine Learning Capabilities

Fino’s Data Scientists Use Predictive Analytics, Actionable Insights to Improve Top Line Results

New York City, May 28, 2015 — Fino Consulting, a leading provider of custom enterprise software solutions, announced a new phase in its partnership with Microsoft to help enterprises use machine learning to improve their business processes. Fino, a longstanding Microsoft Gold Partner, is a recognized leader in the field of data science and has extensive experience helping enterprises integrate machine learning and predictive analytics into their internal processes and customer-facing product offerings.

To share that expertise with enterprise companies, Microsoft has chosen Fino to build a machine learning demonstration using Microsoft Azure. The demonstration, which will be available at the Microsoft Technology Center in New York City in early June 2015, will use a forecasting analysis to show how machine learning can reduce risk and improve top line results. The presentation will include several other use cases to show how businesses across industries can benefit from machine learning in the cloud.

In addition, Microsoft and Fino are hosting a machine learning luncheon on May 28th in New York City with a presentation by Fino data scientist Dr. Alicia Powers.

Machine learning enables enterprises to analyze vast streams of information, capture key insights and make better decisions. Fino’s data science practice helps organizations leverage machine learning, data warehousing, and predictive analytics. Coupled with Microsoft Azure’s machine learning toolset, enterprises can now rapidly deploy these leading edge technologies and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

“Data science is quickly making a transition into the enterprise because it enables better, data-driven decision making,” said Scott Ziolko, Chief Data Scientist at Fino Consulting. “Cloud-based solutions like Microsoft Azure are unlocking the potential for machine learning and making broad adoption possible. Our partnership with Microsoft will help enterprises accelerate their adoption of machine learning and extract business value from their data.”

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